Monday, July 15, 2013

Knightsbridge and B.O. # 65

Mindful Creation    Knightsbridge  #18
Roy's challenge was a use Knightsbridge  in a monotangle. It was another fun tangle for me. I think I like the first one best.

The Bright Owl     #  65

This was a neat template seem to just flow once I started hope ever one likes them.
Sunshine and Sprinkles,


  1. Cecile, Nice designs on all of them! i especially like the colored one~

  2. You've done a great job with all of them. The 2nd Knightbridge is my fav.

  3. Both monotangles are lovely! Very nice variations of “Knightbridge”. The first one is my favorite tile because the red coloring adds a nice touch. Your Zendalas are wonderful! Each of them has a separate charisma. I can´t decide to a favorite. Great job!

  4. Wonderful work with Knightsbridge - love the heart and the Zendalas are absolutely gorgeous :)

  5. All of them look great. I like the border on the square tile. Nicely done.