Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am the Diva     Tipple   #133
this challenge was to use tipple. Well my first thought was a bottle of champagne and a glass of bubbly (tipple) over flowing well that just did happen when I sat down something all together different came about.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bales - Non Domonotangle

I am the Diva     Non Domonotangle  #132   Bales
This weeks challenge was to do a monotangle of bales using your non dominant hand.
Although it was easier than I thought it would be it was a little strange working with
the opposite hand.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

B.O. 70

The Bright Owl     Dare # 70
Seems folks had some difficultly with this template I found it to be rather easy. So I hope you will like them.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cockles n Mussels

Mindful Creations      Adventure #20 
Well so much for this adventure. I thought I liked the first one but now I'm not sure I really like either of them. I couldn't get the color, lighting something to work on the first one when I posted anyway here they are. This was a true challenge and an adventure for me just couldn't seem to get it.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Diva - Dex-Teria

I am the Diva     #131    Dex-Teria
 This weeks challenge was a little hard coming up with something different for Dex well this is what I came up with.
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

B.O. #69

The Bright Owl     Dare # 69
I did the second one first and all I could see was face's so I had to get it out of my system then the other two came into play.
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Henna Drum

I am the Diva     # 130   Henna Drum
Well I forgot to post ooopppsss. so here we are with Henna Drum.
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Friday, August 9, 2013


Mindful Creations     #19   Cracked
Welcome to the world of cracked, cause we all have crack's in our life's that need to be mended and/or fixed.  Wishing every one love and best wishes for where they are in their life and the cracks of your life be mended and filled. Blessings.
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Monday, August 5, 2013

B.O. # 68

The Bright Owl     Dare #68
For some reason this challenge just wasn't a favorite for me, but here is my take on Jekyll/Hyde.
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Friday, August 2, 2013

12 Step Program for Doodles and Zentangles

I decided to dedicate a page to help those who are addicted to doodling in its many forms. If you need help or counselling please seek help immediately. 

The 12 Steps
Start with the following 12 steps if you need to recover from this addiction, and practice each step daily. 

1. Do not cover all your walls with doodles. Leave some space for family photos.

2. Do not keep multiple projects going at the same time.

3. Do not buy pens, pencils, markers and sketch pads when you have lots at home.

4. Do not let your drawing area look like your can't stop to clean up.

5. Do not look at everything as if it is your next idea for a doodle.

6. Do not stock up on supplies just because they are on sale.

7. Do not let doodling distract you from fixing dinner, doing the washing and taking the kids to school etc.

8. Do not stay up doodling all night.

9. Do not keep every magazine and piece of junk mail for the patterns you could copy.

10. Do not relegate the kitchen table to doodling only. The family have to eat somewhere.

11. Do not save all packaging for the doodling ideas, you have to throw out some things as rubbish.

12. Do not promise you will quit tomorrow, it never comes.

More Steps
Other people have different symptoms they have written me about. If you are suffering from any of these behaviors you will need to do them daily as well.

13. Do not lie about going to bed and then stay up another 2 hours doodling. (Nikki let me know about this one)

This 12 Step Program is a good check list if you are not sure you are a Doodleaholic. If you do do, 3 of the 12 items listed you are well on the way to becoming an addict.

Other Symptoms
I know there are other symptoms of this dreaded addiction.
If you know what they are please add them to the comments below so that I can include them in this 12 Step Program. I think I many have to add a lot more steps, and promise to do so to help those in need.

My Confession
I am not recovering, I am addicted, I cannot turn away from many of those 12 Steps
Taken from Judy West at

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Diva # 129

I am the Diva     Challenge # 129 
String Theory     v.XXV
Tangle Patterns String  #004
This weeks challenge was to use tangle patterns string #004. From
I want to Thank  all who take time to stop by and visit my blog and leave me comments. Feel free to critique my work to help me better myself. Again thanks for stopping by.
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