Tuesday, July 30, 2013

B.O. # 67

The Bright Owl     Dare  # 67
Well I am not sure what I did or didn't do when I posted this time. Sorry
I want to Thank  all who take time to stop by and visit my blog and leave me comments. Feel free to critique my work to help me better myself. Again thanks for stopping by.
Sunshine and Sprinkles,


  1. It's hard to pick a favorite because they are all so different. I like the contrast in the last one, maybe that's my favorite then.

  2. These are beautiful! Is there gold in there somewhere? What is that secret ingredient?

  3. All are lovely. Each of them has a separate impression.My favorite is the first one.

  4. You have been very busy and paint three beautiful zendala. All are so wonderful that it is difficult to say what is the best, maybe it is the first.
    Best wishes, Uuna