Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Diva - Dex-Teria

I am the Diva     #131    Dex-Teria
 This weeks challenge was a little hard coming up with something different for Dex well this is what I came up with.
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Sunshine and Sprinkles,


  1. I had the same feeling, Dex is great, but in a monotangle???? You did a great thing by putting it on a circle shaped paper. Makes it look a bit like dex in space! Great effect.

  2. Apart from the fact that we have the same name ;-) I love your Dex in a circle tile! To me it seems like watching through the lens of a telescope! Love it

  3. I think most people struggled with a way to make Dex unique as a monotangle. Your variation in size is a great way to do this. Good job.

  4. Nice effect in the round. I agree it was difficult to make Dex into a monotangle. You succeeded.

  5. It was a hard one to work with as a monotangle. I like your unique perspective on it :)