Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fridays Focus on Saturday

Right now, as I write this post:
I can hear: dish washer and washing machine going
I can smell: apple cinnamon
I can see: toys on the floor and sunshine outside
I can taste: the tea I am drinking
I can feel: the chair I am sitting in and the table my computer is on and of course the computer
I am wearing: blue jeans, peasant top, mary jane flats
The weather today was: quite warm in the hight 90s
I’m enjoying: time to myself on the computer
I want to: to have more confidences in myself
I need to: to focus and concentrate better on things I do and want to do
I’m thinking about: what Im going to do today
I’m feeling: pretty good
To move forward with my ____ dreams, today I can: continue to save for it
I am looking forward to: spending time with my grand babies

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  1. Hi Cecile!
    Thanks for joining in!
    I LOVE the smell of apple cinnamon, mmm, somebody needs to bottle that smell, I'd buy it!!
    I'd love to know what your dreams are that you want to move forward with, although I think most people can relate to having to save for it, whatever it is. Have fun with your grand babies!
    Zoe @ Top Floor Treasures x

    1. Zoe for some reason I can't get to work in the linky