Monday, April 22, 2013

Moon & Star, Love

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #54
Well I first saw a sun, then snakes but people had already done that so I came up with my hippie, Love is all we need and the first one moon and star.
I  really appreciate every who takes the time to look at my blog and leaves me comments thank you.
Sunshine and Sprinkles,


  1. Very funky, both of them! Well done.

  2. Like your string interweaving around the outer edge. Also like the organic leaves in the ribbons.

  3. Both are beautiful Cecile. In the first one I love the ribbon going in and out. The second one is hippy indeed.

  4. Love both your tiles,hard to pick a fav, of course the hearts grabbed me, but I really like the string weaving on the second one.